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1. Aim

You are visiting the website EMSpedia (the “Site”). You are advised to read carefully this document, which contains the Terms and Conditions for browsing, before accessing the content of the Site. By accessing and using the Site, you accept unconditionally and irrevocably the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site. Should you not wish to accept the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site, please leave the Site immediately. The Site is the exclusive property of Roberts S.r.l., Piazzale Badalocchio 9/b, 43126 Parma, VAT registration P.I. 02277610347. The User confirms that he or she is in possession of the rights and legal capacity to use the Site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site.

2. Modification of the terms

We reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site at any moment and without prior notice. The modified terms become effective once published on the Site and will not affect retrospectively any contractual dispositions previously stipulated on the Site. By continuing to use the Site once modifications have been made, the User implicitly accepts the modified Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site.

3. Modifications to the Site

Roberts S.r.l. may improve or modify the information, services, products and other options contained within the Site, or close the Site at any moment without prior notice.

4. Lack of guarantee and limitation of liability

Access and use of the software and other material on or through this Site is exclusively at the User’s risk. Significant measures have been taken to guarantee the accuracy of any information supplied to the User via the Site. However, it is not possible to verify the correctness of all information provided by external sources, for example, providers of other information or third parties connected to the Site.

Our aim is to ensure uninterrupted accessibility to the Site and the transmission of information without errors. However, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible and it may be necessary to interrupt or modify the Site browsing service without prior notice. Furthermore, access to the Site may occasionally be suspended or limited to allow for problem-solving, maintenance or upgrading. We undertake to limit the frequency or duration of such interventions. We decline any responsibility for lack of accessibility to the Site at certain times.

As permitted in law, we decline all liability relating to any information, products and/or services offered in advertisements placed by third parties on the Site.

Except in cases of intentional damage or negligence, Roberts S.r.l. shall not be liable for any damage, whether direct, exceptional, indirect, incidental, consequential (including, without limitation, loss of earnings or profit) resulting from:

  • access to the Site, use of the Site, delay, inability to use the Site or any other information published by third-party advertisers on the Site;
  • the availability and utility of products and services advertised or sold by third-part advertisers on the Site.
5. Liability

In using this Site, the User agrees to release Roberts S.r.l. from any liability, cost, obligation and/or expense resulting from use of the Site by the User.

6. Links to third-party websites and videos

The Site may contain links and connections to Internet websites belonging to third parties. Roberts S.r.l. neither manages nor controls in any way the information, products or services offered by the websites of such third parties. Third-party links and connections are included only for the benefit of Users and do not constitute any official approval by Roberts S.r.l. The User accepts full responsibility when using third-party links and connections.

Videos and/or images on this Site may have been taken from the Internet, under the understanding that they are in the public domain. Roberts S.r.l. accepts no liability for the contents thereof. If the author or any third party should consider any such publication as detrimental in any way, he or she may write to the editor to request its removal.

7. Limitations of use

The User agrees to use the Site for the exclusive purpose of benefiting from the services offered by Roberts S.r.l. The User agrees not to misuse the Site. “Misuse” includes, without limitation, use of the Site for:

  • libel, persecution, threats, abuse or other violation of rights protected by law;
  • any damage or interference in the computer or software activity of others, including, without limitation, the loading, downloading or transmission of corrupt files or viruses;
  • violations relating to intellectual property, advertising or rights to data protection, including, without limitation, the loading, downloading or transmission of materials or software;
  • omissions or erroneous representations of origin and rights on files during loading or downloading, including, without limitation, the omission of proprietary languages, information about the author, licence, copyright and/or registered trademark;
  • the transmission, publication or other disclosure of trade secrets or any other confidential or protected material or property information;
  • the downloading or loading of files whose distribution on the Site is illegal;
  • the transmission of information or software obtained from the Site or copying, creating, viewing, distributing, licensing, executing, publishing, recreating, reproducing, selling or transferring material from the Site;
  • excessive loading of the Site infrastructure;
  • the fraudulent use of passwords or identification numbers during access to the Site or using the identity of third parties or pretending to be authorised by third parties to act in their stead;
  • any other violation of the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Site.
8. Information about copyright and registered trademarks

Roberts S.r.l. EMSpedia website is published with a Creative Commons licence

Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)

This Site is made available for the personal use of the User.

Remember that Roberts S.r.l., Emergency Live, EMSpedia and any other Roberts S.r.l. trademark or product to which it refers, are Roberts S.r.l. trademarks or registered trademarks. Other product names and companies mentioned may be the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

9. Privacy

The Site respects and safeguards the protection of data relating to its users (hereafter referred to as “Users”).

In order to increase our Users’ trust, and also in accordance with art. 13 of the Data Protection Law (legislative decree no.196, dated 30 June 2003), we hereby provide information relating to the processing of personal data supplied by Users of the Roberts S.r.l. web services starting with the address (hereafter referred to as the “Site”).

This information relates exclusively to the processing of data provided by You or obtained in other ways by Roberts S.r.l. through Your use of the Site. Specific data protection information will be made available and shown on pages of the Site that deal with the supply of particular services on request.

10. Location of data processing

Internet user data will be processed directly at the offices of Roberts S.r.l. exclusively by designated data processing staff or by staff designated for occasional maintenance operations. Your data may be processed wholly or in part by third-party hosting suppliers, who will act in accordance with Roberts S.r.l. data processing policy.

11. Aims and procedures for data processing

Data is collected and used to allow browsing on the Site as well as for statistical purposes.

Personal data supplied by Users who send requests for services or request information is used with the sole intent of undertaking such services, acting on requests, or replying to such requests for information.

12. Types of data processed

Browsing data: in order to perform normal functions, the computer systems and software processes used in the functioning of this Site acquire personal data, the transmission of which is necessary for the use of Internet communication protocols. This data is not stored for the purpose of identifying Users, but by its very nature, processing and links with third-party cookies may result in Users being identified. Data in this category includes IP addresses, domain names of computers used by Users connecting to the site, addresses of requested resources in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) syntax, the time of any such request, the method used to transmit a request to the server, the size of any file received in reply, the numerical code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (e.g. complete, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and to the User’s computer environment. This data is used for the sole purpose of compiling anonymous statistical information about use of the Site and to check its correct functioning. The data is deleted immediately after processing. Data may be used for ascertaining responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes leading to damage to the Site.

Data provided voluntarily by the user: the optional, deliberate and voluntary sending of data via web forms or by e-mail to addresses indicated on this site requires the sender’s address, as well as any other personal data included in the message, subsequently to be stored in order for a reply to be sent to such requests.

13. Voluntary provision of data

With the exception of browsing data, the user is free to supply personal data to request services offered by the company. However, should the User choose not to supply such data, this may result in the requested service being unobtainable.

14. Links to other websites and banners

This data protection information refers exclusively to the Site. Our Site contains connections to third-party websites, over which Roberts S.r.l. has no control (the User is advised to check the Terms and Conditions for use of this Site). Roberts S.r.l. accepts no liability for the processing of personal data that Users may supply while browsing such websites.

The Site may contain advertising messages or commercial information relating to third parties (companies of persons) (also known as banners). Roberts S.r.l. has no control over such banners or over any processing of personal data carried out by third-party advertisers.

15. Consent

By using this Site, the User agrees to the processing of his or her personal data, in accordance with the information provided above. Should the User not wish to agree to this processing, he or she must immediately cease to browse on the Site. Should the User continue to browse on the Site, it shall be taken as full acceptance of the processing of his or her data.


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