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  1. Aidan E. Tasker-Lynch

    The most recent EMS bills presented are all offshoots osd the 2010 Bill which was authored by the Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians (PSENT) and Congressman Jack Duavit of Rizal, passed through congress and failed to hurdle the third seating at the Senate by then Senator Manny Villar, who rudely interrupted the Senate hearing with a unscheduled denial of corruption on his part. This interruption meant that the final approval of the EMS Law was displaced and as this was the final Senate Hearing of that term , the bill was forced to start all over again in the next Congress and Senate and that process has been repeated over and over ever since.. The succeedimg bills were basically watered-down versions of SB3579, due to the fact that said bill was plagarized by many different groups who altered the original bill to suit their own purposes and this reflects the disunity in EMS here in the Philippines.